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Building a JSON Schema-enabled `JSON5` mode for codemirror, monaco and/or graphiql

A `JSON5` mode for `monaco editor` or `codemirror6` that works against JSONSchema definitions like `monaco-json` doesn't exist yet, here are a few recipies for how it could work for `graphiql`!Read More →

Evaluating PostGIS support in Typescript ORMs

A short exploration of popular Typescript ORMs and their PostGIS support constraintsRead More →

NPM Libraries With Bundled Dependencies are a Supply Chain Risk! (and more)

When you use npm libraries that bundle their dependencies, your project lockfile is no longer the source of truth.Read More →

GraphQL Federation - emerging options!

A brief list of available options as alternative/similar solutions for apollo federationRead More →

Announcing VSCode GraphQL 0.3.x and GraphQL LSP 2.5.x

A detailed breakdown of added improvements to the GraphQL Language Server Protocol server and the VSCode extensionRead More →

Custom Command Palette & Context Menu Commands with Monaco Editor